Chaos at Work?

The Disconnect Between Dev, Sec, Ops & SRE

  • Toolchain Fatigue: Disparate DevOps tools lead to fragmented development process and lack of visibility into the overall state of software.
  • No Self-Service: Lack of self-service capabilities increases reliance on manual interventions, prolonging development cycles and impacting organizational profitability and sustainability.
  • Deprioritizing Security: Treating security as an afterthought exposes software to security breaches and increase the risk of non-compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws.
  • Pressure to Ship: Sacrificing security for speed leaves software vulnerable, compounded by imbalanced team sizes between development and security.
  • Proprietary Frameworks: Tools with vendor lock-ins and proprietary frameworks make scalability and adapting to changing business needs a huge challenge.


Set Sail for Engineering Enablement With Capten

Capten stack is an orchestration platform for engineering enablement and seamless collaboration while eliminating complexities of self-service implementation for agile DevSecOps, Developers Portal and Platform Engineering. All-in-One!

  • Ecosystem: Build and Manage your cloud-native ecosystem easily with GitOps, Chaos Engineering, Platform Engineering, Self-Service, Internal Developers Platform and Software Supply Chain Security.

  • Boost Collaboration: Collaborate effortlessly with distributed tracing, CICD integration, Testing and software supply chain security automation.

  • Drive Innovation: Empower engineering teams with a universal orchestration framework, fostering collaboration and fueling digital transformation.

  • Standardize Security: Run tools from a single platform, reduce duplicate results and false positives, and enable faster issue remediation and consistent application security automation processes.

  • Accelerate Release Velocity: Deliver new builds quickly and effortlessly, streamline development pipelines, and increase automation for faster software progression.


Self-Serve Orchestration Platform for Continuous Modernization

Capten sails the isolated, full managed, certified and security hardened built-in Kubernetes ship.

  • Real-time insights for modern applications and cloud-native infrastructure for easier Ops and SRE.
  • Automated Vulnerability Risk Management for Software Supply Chain Security.
  • Distributed Tracing for efficient debugging and performance using openTelemetry (OTL).
  • GitOps principles for consistent and secure Continuous Delivery & Continous Deployments.
  • Backup and recovery capabilities to safeguard your control cluster(s) data and applications.
  • Industry-best open-source tools to enhance your cloud-native ecosystem to always keep you up-to-date.
  • Kubernetes native tool kits streamlined CI pipelines, enabling automated and efficient software delivery.
  • Protect your cloud-native applications and infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Automated secure software supply chain measures.


What Can be Integrated? No Limit!

  • Your favorite tools and platforms in one place.
  • We heavly validate and support open-source.
  • Hand picked.
  • We create and contribute to open-source projects.
  • Unified Orchestration.

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