Lagging Behind?

It’s Time to Rethink Testing.

  • Complex Architecture: Troubleshooting microservice architecture is challenging due to complex flows, making it nearly impossible to create tests for proper system operation.
  • Poor Quality Software Delivery: Negating rigorous testing and validation heightens the risk of deploying software with hidden bugs and performance issues, impacting user experience and overall quality.
  • Integration Gaps: Lack of seamless integration with CICD workflows disconnects testing from the development process, hindering automation, continuous testing, and timely feedback.
  • Manual Testing: Manual testing is tedious and slow and imposes a cognitive burden on developers, hindering code quality and efficiency.
  • Collaboration Constraints: Collaboration challenges hinder effective testing, making it difficult to manage and track changes to test scripts, thereby hampering coordination.

Build, Iterate & Release

Trace-Based Testing in Minutes & Always!

openTelemetry’s Trace-Based testing for modern applications enhances test coverage and enables QA, Dev and Ops teams to gain insights for a holistic understanding of application behavior, resulting in faster iterations and delivery with context.

  • Fast Test Setup: Utilize your existing observability data to build tests in minutes using assertions. It’s that simple!
  • Seamless CICD Integration: Automate tests with smooth integration with CI/CD pipelines for consistent and reliable testing.
  • Enhanced Software Quality: Leverage result validation capabilities to conduct thorough analysis for effective issue identification and decision-making.
  • Environment-Agnostic: Minimize mocking through targeted tests across different environments.
  • Improved Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with Git integration, streamlining version control, test script sharing, and change tracking.


Redefine Testing: Effortless Quality Engineering

Trace based functional testing for modern applications.

  • Seamless collaboration and management of test scripts with Git version control integration
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting with OpenTelemetry
  • Assertions creation and selection for behavior and outcome validation
  • CICD support for automated testing and faster feedback
  • Comprehensive validation mechanisms for accurate and reliable test results
  • Support for testing different protocols like REST API, gRPC, GraphQL, and more


Fall in love with your favorite tools.

Continuous Testing using Tracing and cloud-native technology.

  • openTelemetry
  • SigNoz, Tempo
  • ClickHouse, Cassandra (K8ssandra)
  • Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Promtail
  • Supply Chain tools
  • TraceTest, Microcks, Cypress, K6, etc.
  • Multiple programming languages and protocols
  • and more…

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